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We have continued our theme of fairytales and have considered the book 'George and the Dragon.' This led us onto discussing whether dragons are real. Lots of children have created their own dragon in the creative area and using ICT. George in our story was afraid of a mouse, so we thought about what we are afraid of. We had lots of different fears but we helped each other to think of ways to overcome this. We have continued to develop our castle role play area and have enjoyed dressing up as Kings, Queens and Knights. 
Reception Literacy: We have focused on identifying rhyming words and trying to continue a rhyming string. 
Reception Maths: We have been estimating measurements, i.e. Rapunzel's hair, and trying to measure in using cubes. 
Nursery Literacy: Similar to Reception, we have also been identifying rhyming words.
Nursery Maths: We have continued learning about one more and one less.
Reception Head Teacher's Award .......
Reception Core Value....
Bradley the Bear goes to.....
Important Dates: Reception parents, please remember family learning meeting on Wednesday 24th at 9:30. Come and see what it's all about!
May we take this opportunity to wish you a very Happy New Year. We have started our brand new topic 'Once Upon a Fairy Tale', and this week we have started with the fairytale Rapunzel. We have thought about the characters within Rapunzel and how some are good and some are bad. We have begun to change our classroom making a castle role play area along with a banqueting suite. We thought about our new year wishes and all made a wishing wand. 
Reception Maths - we looked at the most popular hair colour within our class creating a pictogram. 
Reception Head Teacher Award - 
Core Value - 
Nursery Bradley the Bear goes to Will, for a great improvement in his writing!
This week is all about our Party. We had a fabulous time dancing, playing party games and eating our yummy party snacks. We got very excited when we heard a special visitor had come to see us with a early little present. We also watched the Polar Express and went on our own adventure with hot chocolate and marshmallows.
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From all the children and staff in EYFS we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very happy, healthy new year. 
We look forward to seeing you in the new year. (Tuesday 9th January 2018)
This week has been all about our fabulous performances! On Monday, Nursery parents were wowed by our rendition of 'Let it Go!' On Tuesday and Wednesday, parents were amazed by our production of 'Whoops-A-Daisy Angel!' We hope you all agree that the children not only sang their hearts out, but had a thoroughly good time take part! They certainly rose to the challenge of performing in front of an audience. 
We have been visited by the one and only Stickman this week! We learnt all about his family tree and this led us onto thinking about our own. 
We have also been busy making our Christmas calendars and cards to send home. We hope that you think they are amazing because we think so!
Reception Head Teacher's Award: 
Core Value (Respectful) 
Bradley the Bear...
Important Dates:
Monday 18th: EYFS Party (1:30 - Please bring a change of clothes in a bag)
Friday 22nd HALF TERM!!!!!!
After reading 'One Snowy Night,' we considered what happens to animals during winter time. We learnt about hibernation and the different animals that go to sleep during the winter time and why. We moved onto thinking about the animals that live near Santa Claus and his friends! 
One of Santa's friends, Jingles, came to visit us this week to check that we are behaving in the lead up to Christmas! He has been letting Santa know all about us! So far, Jingle hasn't caused any mischief...
We have been very excited to welcome our parents into our classroom and share our hard work with them.
Reception Literacy: We have used our phonics skills to segment and blend Christmas words
Reception Maths: We have focused on adding one more. 
Nursery Literacy: We have continued working hard with our sounds. Miss Brown's phonics group have been learning 'f' and 'e'. Mrs Elliott's phonics group have been learning 'o'.
Nursery Maths: We have continued our focus on money.
Reception Head Teacher's Award: Fletcher, for fantastic mental recall of one more
Reception Core Value (Proud): Maison!
Bradley the Bear goes to Sophia, for a great effort in all areas!
Important Dates: 
Monday 11th December - Nursery Carol Service (1:30)
Tuesday 12th December - Reception/KS1 Christmas Performance (1:30)
Wednesday 13th December - Reception/KS1 Christmas Performance (10:00)
Friday 15th December - Christmas Fayre (2:00)
This week we have looked at the story 'Tickly Octopus.' This led us onto thinking about what we are good at. We came up with lots of different reasons why we should celebrate ourselves! 
We also started to think about the change in season and coincidently it started to snow!! A Santa Workshop also appeared in school so this made for a very excitable day! 
Reception Literacy: We have wrote letters to Santa Claus with a list of toys we would really like. 
Reception Maths: We have found one more than a given number and tried to write this as a number sentence. 
Nursery Literacy: Just like Reception, we have also been writing letters to Santa Claus!
Nursery Maths: This week we have been introduced to money. We are beginning to recognise different coins and have used them at Santa's Toy Shop. 
Head Teacher's Award: Scarlett S, for increased confidence in all areas.
Core Value (Considerate): Freddie!
Bradley the Bear goes to Noah this week, for an amazing effort within phonics and for always making people SMILE!
Upcoming Events: 
Invitation Afternoon - Thursday 7th December (1:30pm)
Christmas stories under the tree - Friday 8th December (1:30pm)
We have continued our theme of being kind to our friends. We thought about what our friends do to make us happy and sad and discussed this in relation to the story 'Bright Stanley.' In order to promote this, we decorated our own kindness bucket. Whenever we saw an act of kindness, we placed a reward in their bucket. At first, there were a lot of children filling their own buckets however we quickly began to realise that if we filled someone else's bucket we could all feel proud and happy. So everyone's a winner! We made our own sparkly fish as well as experimenting with watercolours to create the sea background. 
Reception Literacy: We wrote labels and captions to describe Bright Stanley.
Reception Maths: We have continued our work on time, recognizing o'clock times and what we can do within a minute. 
Nursery Literacy: While ordering the events within 'Bright Stanley,' we have began writing key words by identifying the initial sounds and segmenting and blending.
Nursery Maths: We have thought about height and weight this week. We have been comparing different items and we are beginning to order according to height and weight too. 
Head Teacher's Award: Penny, for a greater effort with writing!
Core Value (Responsible): Louisa
Bradley the Bear this week goes to Elizabeth, for amazing work in phonics!
As part of a whole school theme, in EYFS we have all considered the theme of bullying, as it is national anti-bullying week. We have thought about what bullying is and what it looks like. We looked at the different ways that bullies might hurt our feelings. We all felt very sad about this but decided upon ways in which can demonstrate acts of kindness. 
Reception Literacy: We have worked on writing simple sentences and aim to improve this over the forthcoming weeks.
Reception Maths: We have looked at our daily routine and sequenced events in order. We have worked on recognizing o'clock times, please can you work on this at home.
Nursery Literacy: This week we have been reading 'Tiddler.' We are beginning to order and sequence a story, while also discussing its main characters and events.
Nursery Maths: Similarly to Reception, we have been looking at out daily routine in and out of school.
Reception Head Teacher's Award: Zack, for trying his best to improve his writing!
Core Value (Unique): James
Bradley the Bear goes to Jax this week, for showing great improvement in phonics and trying super hard to write his name!

Well what an exciting week we have had in EYFS this week with our visit to the Blue Reef Aquarium! We enjoyed getting up close and ‘very’ personal to a range of sea creatures. We especially enjoyed seeing the sharks that were swimming above our heads and the smiling rays in the tunnel tank. During our rock pool experience we were able to hold a star fish, a hermit crab and see some mean and nasty looking crabs. We were fascinated to learn about star fish being able to grow extra legs especially if they are eaten by a crab. Don’t get us started on how star fish poo and eat! Everybody was keen to know when it was lunchtime, it was the quietest we had been all day! Watching the seal show was rather chilly but it was amazing to see the tricks the harbor seals could perform. On the bus journey home we had lots of quiet and asleep boys and girls (a sign of a good day!). A fabulous visit with lots of first hand experiences of sea creatures but most of all our teachers are super proud of our excellent behaviour.

We have created our own jelly fish this week using a range of resources practicing joining materials using a stapler. In our water area we have explored soapy sea foam and experienced different textures in our under the sea sensory tray.

Reception Maths

We have continued our work with money practicing paying for items using one pence and two pence coins.

Reception English

We have continued to learn new sounds practicing segmenting and blending to read new words.

Nursery Maths

We have considered our daily routine and discussed this in relation to time. 

This week Bradley the Bear goes to Annabelle, for her constant positive attitude and always giving everything 100%!

Head teacher award: Freddie, for much improved letter formation

Core Value award (Supportive): Skye

Our current topic is 'What do you see at Sea.' This week we have read 'Rainbow Fish' and thought about sharing and being kind to our friends something that is very important in our setting. We have created our own Rainbow fish and explored other sea creatures that live in the ocean. We have considered how we 'sparkle' just like Rainbow fish. 
Reception Head Teacher Award: Louisa, for fabulous reading.
Reception Core Value: Emily, for being respectful.
Bradley Bear: Leo, for excellent behaviour and always trying his best!
Upcoming events:
Wednesday 8th November - Blue Reef Aquarium. Please ensure all reply slips are in school before this date.
Welcome to our Early Years page! Our class blog will be updated on a weekly basis so you can see what we have been up to. We look forward to updating you with the exciting things we have been learning about! 
Our Nursery Staff:
Miss Brown - Class Teacher
Mrs Elliott - Teaching Assistant 
Our Reception Staff:
Mrs Kirby - Class Teacher
Mrs Johnston - Teaching Assistant