Year 1 Class Page

Welcome to Year 1's Class Blog
Staff in Year 1:
Teacher: Miss Hodgson
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Bewick
As part of our topic, we went on a school trip to Beamish Museum. We had so much fun!
This term Year 1 have been learning about toys from the past. Our homework projects were truly amazing! Take a look...
We have been so excited about Halloween this week so we have been following instructions to make our own Halloween masks. Check out our scary faces... 
We have also written instructions to tell others how to make a scary mask of their own...
Yesterday, we had Lifeguards in school from the RNLI to teach us about Water Safety. We were all really interested and can tell you about the different flags and signs. Ask us about them...
This week, Year 1 performed a 'The Nutcracker' Class Assembly in front of all of their parents/ carers and grandparents! The whole school watched too. They did an absolutely amazing job and we were all very proud of them! Well done Year 1!
Some of us have been really busy in the sand area this week! We have been independently matching words to the pictures! :) 
We have been SO excited about our new reading area! We all brought a special book in from home and we have shared them with our friends throughout the week. It has been lovely to see all of Year 1 so excited to read!
We are really confident when using concrete resources in Year 1! 
Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 have been practising really hard for their Christmas Production of 'Whoops-A-Daisy Angel'. Thank you to all of the parents who have already brought in a costume :) 
Year 1 were really excited to win the Attendance Award this week! We really enjoyed having an extra playtime on Friday afternoon!
We have been beyond excited this week! We loved all of the snow and we have been hanging our baubles on the school Christmas Tree!
We have been busy writing and sending out our invitations for Invitation Afternoon next week. We hope that you can all make it so that you can see all of the fantastic work that we have been doing this term!
We would like to thank all of our Parents/ Carers who came to Invitation Afternoon yesterday. We loved showing off our work and it was lovely to see that all of the adults were so proud of the children's progress. Well done Year 1!
Year 1 are very excited about Christmas Reading Day! We have all made an effort to dress up and we can't wait to open our special presents from Santa later on this afternoon! We are all little book worms...
Friday 12th January 2018
Welcome back! I have now taken over Year 1 for Miss Harrison's maternity. It has been a delight working with Year 1 already and we are going to have lots of fun. 
We have started our new topic which is Traditional tales. A letter arrived from the secret pigs and we could not believe it! 
We have been looking at lots of different materials to see if things could be blown over like the wolf tested out. The children have made 'cement' out of playdough. The children loved getting their hands dirty with different materials.
In English we are focusing on the Three Little Pigs. We have been writing predictions on what we think is going to happen. In maths we have been looking at measurement. We have measured each other which was lots of fun. Some of us are a lot taller than others!
Our core value winner this week for being unique goes to Zac G.
Our head teacher award goes to Connor S for starting the new year with a  fantastic attitude to learning. 
Please remember PE is on a Friday. Bring kits in on a Monday and take home on a Friday. PE can sometimes change.
Friday 19th January 
This week we have had such a busy week! Our first full week back at school. We have been transforming our reading area into a fairytale setting we all feel as if we are 'In a land far far away' when we are in it.
This weeks core value is responsible and the child that has been nominated is Mia B.
The head teachers award this week goes to Sienna M for trying so hard in her work and producing an amazing story map about the Three Little Pigs, Well done Sienna!
Year 1 and reception won the attendance award this week and are very excited about getting extra playtime.
Our homework projects for our 'Traditional Tales' topic are well under way! Lexi made a fantastic chocolate cake with pigs sitting in the mud and everyone got to take a slice home.
In maths we have been measuring objects in cm using a ruler, we are super at estimating and measuring. In English we have been retelling the story of The Three Little Pigs the children know the story really well. In art we have been creating characters from Traditional Tales for our reading area.
26th January 2018
We have had another busy week in Year 1. We have been spending lots of time investigating materials and their properties. We have a very exciting challenge activity which allows us to open locked boxes filled with different materials.
This weeks core value is considerate and Charlie P has been nominated from Year 1, well done Charlie.
The headteachers award this week goes to Isaac M, for a fantastic attitude to work and behaviour. Well done Isaac!
Lots more fantastic homework projects have been coming in from home, we have our own  beanstalk and a straw, a stick and a brick house from The Three Little pigs. I am so impressed.
This week in math's we have been looking at weight, we have been using balance scales to measure weight. In English we have been writing our own version of The Three Little Pigs.
We have received a number of books linked to our topic from Sunderland City Council for us to enjoy in our reading area. I cannot wait to start reading!
2nd February 2018
This week in Year 1 we have started a class story called the Elves and the Shoemaker. The children have been predicting what the story might be about and asking questions about the book.
The headteachers award this week goes to Zack G for an amazing attitude towards his work despite being poorly. The core value for this week is proud, the class have nominated Caitlynn. Well done Zack and Caitlynn!
All of our homework projects have been handed in this week and I am so pleased with the effort and thought that has gone into them. I have them all in pride of place around the classroom.
Year 1 have been introduced to our school library this week and the children have started to choose their own library books to take home. This is something that I will encourage the children to do.
We have been looking at our local area this week in Geography. We have been looking at local points of interest such as Washington Old Hall.
We have also been looking at capacity this week. We even made our own invisibility potion and the children measured all the ingredients themselves!
9th February 2018 
We have had lots of fun this week in Year 1.
We have been making shoe collages linked to our new story 'The Elves and the Shoemaker.' We also carried out our first Science project. We used different materials to protect an egg and then dropped it to see if it smashed.
The core value this week is respectful and it goes to Harry D. Well done Harry!
The head teachers award this week goes to Lucas C for a improved attitude to learning and trying really hard. Well done Lucas!
We have been learning how to write letters in English and we have written a thank you letter to the elves.
In math's we have started to look at multiplication using sweets and biscuits.
On Friday afternoon in Year 1 we had a special visitor. Miss Harrison and her beautiful baby Layla! The children were so excited to see her.
We have also booked our school trip to Gibside for the 26th February. I hope everyone has a happy and safe half term. 
Friday 23rd February 2018
Our first week back after half term has been a busy one! On Monday we were celebrating Chinese New Year. My family have just came back from China so they brought us all some lucky red envelopes that children in China receive as gifts over the new year. We also learnt that this year is the year of the dog. We found out what animal it was when we were born also. The children made some lovely lanterns and cards.
The head teachers award this week goes to  Phoebe B as she has had a wonderful first week in Year 1. The core value this week is supportive and it goes to Josh L. Well done Phoebe and Josh
In Science we have started a new topic on animals, we have been sorting animals into groups e.g. insects. The children already know lots of interesting facts on animals!
In math's this week we have been counting in two's fives and ten's. 
In PE this week we have been learning some new dance moves and dancing to Chinese music. We also had a go at meditating. The children had lots of fun.
Friday 9th March 2018
Welcome back everyone after our unexpected days off! We had a fantastic time at Gibside on our school trip. Snowdrop helped us to find lots of fairy stories and we made our own crowns, we had so much fun and all our children were a credit to our school.
This week we have started a new story called Cinderboy, we can't wait to find out what happens next. This week we have been making predictions.
The headteachers award this week goes to Hannah S for a massive improvement in her behaviour well done Hannah! The core value this week is responsible and this goes to Emily B. Well done Emily! Our mathlete of the week is Isabella, she has achieved a silver award in mathletics. Well done Isabella!
Friday 16th March 2018
We had a fantastic day celebrating World Book Day on Monday. All of the children looked amazing dressed as their favourite characters. On the afternoon we had an Alice and Wonderland themed tea party, we made our own jam sandwiches and wrote instructions on how to make them. We had so much fun and they tasted delicious! 
The core value this week is supportive and it goes to Esmae. Our mathelete of the week goes to Emily, she has gained a silver award and has spent the most time on mathletics this week. The head teachers award this week goes to Neve for a fantastic attitude to learning, particularly in her writing. 
Friday 23rd March
We have had a week full of exciting Easter activities this week. We had the Easter Egg competition, I was blown away with all the entries they were fantastic. The winners in our class were Lucas C and Emily, well done! We have started to look at money in maths, the children bought Easter eggs from Miss Hodgson the shopkeeper using the correct change. In RE we have been learning about the Easter story. 
This weeks core value is proud and it goes to Phoebe. The headteachers award this week goes to Zac D for an amazing diary entry. The mathlete of the week is Isaac, he has the most certificates in Gold,Silver and Bronze. Well Done! 
I hope everyone has a fantastic Easter holiday and you all get lots of chocolate! Stay safe everyone.