Year 2

 Welcome to Year 2

Welcome to our Year 2 page. Here you will find important information about our Class routines, curriculum and general information. Please scroll down to keep up to date with our class blog.


Our Year 2 Staff:

Miss Pickup – Teacher

Mrs Sinclair – Teaching Assistant


Thursday 28th March 2018
What a busy last week we have had! Thank you to all the parents/carers for attending the KS1 SATs meeting. It is greatly appreciated. 
We have been telling the time all week. Over the holidays, please ask us the time throughout the day to help us continue our knowledge for time. In English, Miss Pickup changed our class novel by swapping characters and the setting which was rather funny. Today, we have been writing a description of a zoo and we are just fabulous at including adjectives within our writing. Miss Pickup is on the hunt for a handwriter of the week. She is so proud at all the handwriting within Year 2 and it has improved greatly. All the children are working really hard towards this so well done!
During the week, Miss Pickup took us into the computer suite and we have started to program and code. We had to program the plane to take off correctly on the runway. Then, we added more planes and helicopters using codes to ensure they wouldn't crash into each other. Miss pickup was really naughty and made all of our planes crash into each other. We had to find the errors in the coding and change it for the planes to take off correctly. 
On Wednesday, it was the music concert and all the children who participated were amazing. We thoroughly enjoyed it! Also, it was the easter egg competition. We received lots of creative eggs that the children have designed. Thank you all for the support 
As it is the end of the term, we are going to be starting our new topic. Next term, we are going to be looking at 'Why was Neil Armstrong a brave person?' For our homework, we have to complete  a quality homework project. This may include a detailed leaflet, detailed poster, detailed information text, a rocket or space model, an information powerpoint or anything linked to Neil Armstrong. It is going to be set for the following three weeks and will be due in the 19th April. It will be getting displayed around the classroom. 
Enjoy the easter holidays, stay safe and have fun! 
Friday 23rd March 2018
 We had a little surprise visit from the chicks. We brought the incubator in from Reception and we all got to hold a chick each. They were so fluffy and cute! 
In maths, we have been telling the time. Some of us have been looking at the o'clock and half past the hour and others have been looking at quarter to and quarter past. Ask me the time at home and see if I can show you. 
In english, we had to write a recount of our trip to the castle. Miss Pickup was so proud of us all. She even gave out THREE awards for handwriter of the week. Well done to Connor, Lauren and Shay for working really hard to improve ascenders and descenders when forming the letters. 
Miss Newton has been with us a while on her final placement and will start teaching us on Monday. We are so excited. 
Remember on Tuesday it is the KS1 SAT meeting at 5.30. If you have any questions at the end Miss Pickup will be around to answer any questions. 
Friday 16th March 2018
On Monday, it was World Book Day and the children looked FANTASTIC! They all dressed up as their favourite characters and drew 'selfies' of themselves. Also, they made a mask of a character of their choice. 
We have been learning all about fractions. We are now Fraction Wizards! We have identified fractions, compared fractions and calculated a fraction of an amount. All the children have been working really hard within their reading and comprehension skills. 
On Thursday, it was our trip. It was a chilly one but it was SUPER!!!! We explored the castle with a tour guide and went to the top of the castle. It was so high up that we seen the whole of Newcastle and Gateshead. Then, we trapped Miss Pickup and Mrs Sinclair in a wooden stock and we pretended to throw things off them. It was hilarious! Afterwards, we had a workshop. Did you know there was a Great Fire of Gateshead? We found out lots of facts and even looked at some artefacts. 
A massive thank you to all the grown ups who attended invitation afternoon. We appreciate your support!
The head teacher certificate was awarded to Connor for being such a kind friend to his peers.
The core value was considerate and this was awarded to Jacob. 
The Mathlete of the week goes to Flynn.
Brandon received his bronze medal for 10 merits.
Friday 9th march 2018 
Welcome back! I bet you are all refreshed after the three days off.
In maths, we have been looking at estimating answers for addition and subtraction. In addition, we have been looking at mentally adding and subtracting two digit numbers. Miss Pickup has introduced our new book which is called the fox. We have been making predictions and predicting how a character may feel and why. Some of us looked at our things that were true or false about the main character. Others looked at the character's personality and appearance by sorting them into the correct pile. 
In RE, we have been designing our own Mehni patterns for Hinduism. Hindus design these patterns on their hands for special occasions e.g. a wedding. 
Our head teacher award went to.... for... 
Our core value this week was ...... for being....
Keep up your hard work Year 2! Remember that P.E is on a Tuesday for the rest of half term as a man called Matt has been taking our sessions and delivering a range of activities for cricket. 
Friday 2nd March 2018 
Can you believe it? Three days off school for the snow. I hope you are all having the best time ever and enjoying the snow. School will re open on Monday and the pathways will be cleared.
We wrote instructions on how to make bread because we were so good at making it. Our instructions were fantastic and Miss Pickup was so pleased with them. We used lots of technical vocabulary and the lay out of our work was exceptional. 
In maths, we have been adding and subtracting. Addition can be done in any order whereas subtraction cannot. We solved lots of problems and reasoned our answers with a detailed explanation. 
Friday 23rd February 2018
What a busy first week back! We have not stopped. In English, we had an exciting lesson because we baked some bread. In the Great Fire of London, the bakery set on fire because Thomas (the baker) was cooking bread and went upstairs but he forgot about the bread. We are going to write instructions about how we made the bread. 
In science, we have been looking at different materials to see whether they float or sink in the water. At first, we made predictions to predict what we thought would happen then we tested it out. After that, we completed a boat investigation. We were all given the same materials and we had to see whose boat would float with most amount of cubes on it. Heidi, Katie and Jack managed to get 80 cubes on their boat. We could not believe it! 
In maths, we have been looking at subtraction. Some of us even used column addition and we had to regroup and borrow from the tens column. Some of us thought it was tricky but fun. 
Our celebration certificate went to Charlie for a fabulous attitude towards his presentation of his work. 
The core value this week goes to Oliver for being supportive. 
Please remember it is our trip a week today. Please can the trip reply slips be handed into the office ASAP. If you do not have a letter, please come and see Miss Pickup.
Friday 2nd February 2018 
This week, we have been retelling the story of Toby and the Great Fire of London. Miss Pickup is very proud of all of our hard work. We had to write a book review about the Great Fire of London. We all agreed that our favourite part was when Toby saved the day and put the huge fire out. It is a fiction book but based around a real life event. 
In maths, we have been looking at addition. Some of us having been working out number bonds to 10 using numicon to support us. Others having been adding tens to a two-digit number. We are becoming a maths masters. 
Topic has been crazy! Miss Pickup asked us to make medicine for those that were injured in the Great Fire of London. We used measuring jugs and special medicines to mix them together to create our own. We even had to name our own potions. Photos to follow...
Our celebration certificate went to Orfefs for always trying his best in reading. 
The Handwriter of Year 2 this week is Amelia. She has worked her socks off for this achievement.
In addition, a HUGE thank you to all parents/carers for supporting the children to complete their amazing homework projects. They are displayed all around our classroom. 
Reminder: P.E Kit to be in on a Monday and take home on a Friday as P.E can change. It is currently on a Thursday but after the holidays it will be changing. A cricket coach is coming to Fatfield to work the children. 
Friday 26th January 2018
Well, we have had the most exciting day EVER! The Fire Brigade came to visit us at school and it was fantastic. All the firemen introduced themselves and talked about all the equipment. We even got to use their hose. It was so much fun. Miss Pickup was not happy when we nearly squirted her. Then, Mrs Pizl nearly fell off her chair in the office because they put the lights and sirens on when leaving. 
Friday 19th January 2018
Miss Pickup has been so proud of us all this week. We have been completing our first big write since the Christmas holidays. We all worked really hard! We had to write a diary entry in the role of Toby. We all had to step into the shoes of Toby and take on his role. The Great Fire of London was extremely terrifying!!
In maths, we have been looking at 3D shapes. Lots of us brought in different 3D shape in a real life context. We also looked at photographs and had to identify what shape it was. 
As a school we have subscribed to purple mash which is a fantastic resource. Every child has received a letter about it and log ins for the them to log into at home. 
Our handwriter week award goes to Aiden this week. He has worked extremely hard to improve his handwriting over the last few weeks. 
Our core value this week is responsible and the award goes to Heidi. 
Our celebration assembly award goes to Lauren for working really hard in maths. 
Friday 12th January 2018
Happy New Year and welcome back to Year 2 blog! We have been so busy this week with it being our first week back. Our classroom has changed to match our topic. Our topic this term is the Great Fire of London. We are all so excited to find out all about it. We have transformed our classroom. In our maths area it is Pudding Lane Bakery. We have lots of historical houses that we made using cardboard. 
In maths we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes. Some of us went on a shape hunt around school and we had to identify what shape it was. Whilst some of us had to write riddles using a shapes properties. Our partners had to guess what shape it was. 
In English we have introduced our new 'topic text' which is called Toby and the Great Fire of London. We have been predicting what we think the book is about. Today we used our senses to imagine what Toby would have smelt, touched, heard and saw. 
In topic we have been comparing London in 1666 to nowadays. It has changed a lot! Can you believe that people did not have cars? We have been doing some marble painting which was lots of fun. It created a fiery background. Then we created a silhouette as the background of the houses. 
This week our superstars are:
Our core value was awarded to Orfefs for being unique. 
Our celebration assembly certificate went to Brogan for being a fantastic friend to our new starter who has came all the way from Japan. Brogan even knows more Japanese than Miss Pickup. 
Friday 8th December 2017 
Our elf Buddy has been getting up to some mischief. On Monday he knocked down all of our times tables and they were all over the floor. He was dangling from the washing line so he kept hitting Mrs Sinclair on the head every time she walked past. Then on Tuesday he wrapped up Miss Pickup's chair. He decided to decorate the tree on Wednesday with toilet roll - Miss Pickup was not happy!!! After that, he visited the photocopier and took lots of selfies of himself. He put the photos all over our class. 
In science we have been doing an investigation. We are trying to find out which way is the best way to grow cress. We have tested cotton wool. a wet paper towel and soil. 
In maths we have been looking at different ways to partition a number. Some of us have used place value counters and some have used base 10.  
In English we have been looking at different plants and we are going to write a non-chronological report about them. Some of us have been practising our letter formation in the glitter. 
Our celebration certificate this week went to Cora Wells for working really hard in maths. 
Our core value this week was proud and Aiden was nominated by his class mates. 
Handwriter of the week will be announced next Friday. 
Friday 1st December 2017
Well what an exciting week! It is the lead up to Christmas with our Christmas performance underway.  It is looking fantastic already... thanks to all parents/carers for all your support so far. The snow arrived and we were very excited! We also got the opportunity to put our baubles on the school Christmas tree. We all had a bauble each to put on tree as some of our friends shared their baubles out. In Year 2 Miss Pickup had a special gift delivered to her classroom. An elf of the shelf who is getting up to some mischief. He is called Buddy!