Year 3

A big hello to the Year 3 blog.
Each week, we will be using this opportunity to let you know what we have been up to throughout the week.  We will also use it to remind you of important, upcoming events.
Many thanks,
Miss Whitney and Miss Quinn

Friday 15th June


This week in English we have written our wonderful character descriptions of The Old Man from The Tin Forest. We have now started to look at what we would need to do to write our own version of our story, The Tin Forest.


In Maths, we have been looking at right angles. We have worked hard and have found lots of them around our classroom. On Thursday we went outside for our maths lesson and we directed each other from one shape to another using right angle turns.


We have started learning some of the songs for our KS2 performance this week and are very excited to get started!


Headteacher’s Award: Megan

Core Value: Supportive - Isabella

Mathlete of the Week: Jaime

Friday 8th June


Welcome back!

This week in Maths we have started looking at shape. We have been talking about the properties of different 2D shapes and finding them around our classroom.


In English this week, we have been working towards writing a character description of The Old Man from The Tin Forest. We though about the different word families we would need to include to create a description and we interviewed a few of our children to find out a little more about The Old Man. They told us about his personality and what he got up to when he wasn't creating his masterpiece!

Friday 25th May


To begin this week, the whole school had a lovely visit from Northumbrian water. During their visit they performed a show all about how we can save water in our everyday lives. It was a very fun show which gave us lots of good ideas!


In our English lessons this week, we have all worked very hard to create a fantastic description of the Tin Forest. We looked carefully at nouns, verbs, adjectives and prepositions, and how we put these together to create really descriptive sentences. They are fantastic!


This week, in French, we learnt the names for different body parts. The children loved singing 'Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Feet' or 'Tête, épaules, genoux et pieds' as we now know it! 


As a class, we have produced some fantastic work over this half term! Enjoy the holidays, you have all worked so hard and really deserve it!

Friday 18th May

In maths this week we have been working on Place Value. We have worked very hard to understand what each number in a digit is worth and we have looked at how to order, compare and represent different numbers.


In topic this week, we started to look at the different classifications of animals. We learnt some new key words such as invertebrate, vertebrate, mammal, reptile and arachnid.


A huge thank you to everyone who attended the Royal Wedding Picnic! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!


Headteacher’s award: Ruby

Core Value: Considerate - Charlie

Friday 11th May


What a busy four day week in Year 3!


We have been keeping a very close eye on our plants this week and are amazed at how quickly they are all growing now that they have been given the right conditions!


In RE this week we have been looking at the Five Pillars of Islam and have created some lovely posters to explain them.


In Art we have been learning how to print. We have used different materials such as plastic bags to create different effects. They all turned out brilliantly and look lovely on our display.


Headteacher’s award: Joshua

Core Value: Responsible - Lexi

Friday 4th May

Another busy week this week in Year 3!


In science we have looked at healthy eating. We created a food pyramid to show us how much of each different food group we need every day to keep us healthy.


We have worked very hard in maths this week and cracked multiplication using different methods and solving word problems.

In English we have started looking at our new text The Tin Forest. We have made some fantastic predictions and are very excited about finding out what will happen next.


Headteacher’s award: Kaitlyn

Core Value: Unique – Reece

Friday 27th April
This week in English we have been looking at writing instructions. The children have produced some lovely work on how to plant a sunflower.
This linked wonderfully with our Science work where we have planned, created and carried out an experiment to find out how water is transported through plants. We decided that we would need some plastic cups, celery, water and food dye. We followed a set of instructions and found that celery absorbs water. We were able to see where the coloured water had traveled when we cut into the celery after leaving it over night.
In maths this week, we have been learning how to multiply 2 digit numbers by 1 digit number using a grid. We have worked very hard and started to solve multiplication problems. We have also been working very hard on our 3 times table.
On Wednesday afternoon, we had a visit from the school nurses. They told us all about healthy eating and exercise, hand washing, and talked to us about our feelings and emotions. It was very interesting and we really enjoyed this!
Headteacher's award: Reece 
Core Value: Supportive - Maisie
Friday 20th April

Welcome back!

PE this term will be every Thursday.

Year 3 have decided that our new topic will be called ‘The Circle of Life’. In our topic this term we will look at plants and animals as well as living things and their habitats. Our homework project has been sent out and I am excited to see what the children produce after they all set such a high standard with their Roman projects!

In science this week, we began looking at the different parts of a flowering plant. We also looked at how a plant grows and what happens first. We planted beans and are looking forward to creating a diary to observe how they grow.

In maths, we finished off looking at telling the time and worked hard to create a human clock and worked in groups to time each other running around the playground.

In English, we have written some brilliant non-chronological reports on the Toucan. We learnt how to use headings and subheadings and talked about the technical vocabulary we would include in a report about the toucan.


Headteacher’s award: Calvin

Core Value: Respectful - Joseph

Friday 16th March

Monday this week was World Book Day. We had some fantastic costumes!

During the day we had lots of fun talking about our favourite books, and taking part in different activities throughout the day.

I would just like to say a quick thank you to all of the parents who attended our invitation afternoon. It was so lovely to see you all and share our wonderful work with you!

Friday 23rd February

A fantastic first week back this week!

On Monday we began with a celebration of Chinese New Year. We found out about how people celebrate Chinese New Year and that this year is the year of the dog.

On Friday we went on our class trip to the Roman Fort Segedunum.

This was an absolutely fantastic start to our topic of ‘The Roman’s in Britain’. When arrived, we were sworn in to the Roman army and became auxiliary soldiers. We learnt our oath and practiced marching. We looked at the uniform of a Roman soldier, some of us tried pieces of this on and found out that they were very heavy!

After lunch, our tour guide told us all about the Roman fort itself and we found out lots of interesting information about where the soldiers lived within the fort and that the soldiers shared their buildings with their horses.

To end the day, we walked over to Hadrian’s Wall and had a battle against our classmates!

Headteacher’s award: Jaime

Core Value: Responsible - Calvin

Friday 9th February

This week we took part in engineering week. We each came up with individual ideas on a problem and what we could create to solve this problem. There were lots of different ideas from an invention to help us get out of bed on a morning, to a machine that could change the flavour of food we do not like to something amazing.

Year 3 created a design, wrote a proposal letter and created a poster about engineering to enter a competition. Everybody worked very hard and produced some fantastic entries.

Headteacher’s award: Thomas

Core Value: Considerate - Jaime

Friday 2nd February


This week I would like to say a HUGE well done to all of the children in Year 3. I think you will all agree that they have worked extremely hard and gave a fantastic performance of ‘A Quest for the Ancient Barometer’.


In English this week, we have written a persuasive letter. The children have enjoyed thinking about the language they would use to persuade someone and produced lovely pieces of writing.


In Maths, we have looked at measurement. We have been looking at how to measure in millimeters, centimeters and meters.


Congratulations to Maisie for receiving the Headteacher’s Award. Maisie was given this award for the hard work and effort she put into rehearsing for her part of Dr Emma in our class assembly. She stepped in at the last minute and did a fantastic job. Well done Maisie!


The core value for this week has been ‘proud’ and the class voted for Madison to win this award. As one of the children said, it must have been a very tough choice to make as we were all so proud of everyone this week. 

Friday 26th January
Another lovely week this week in Year 3. 
Everyone has worked very hard coming up with lots of brilliant ideas for our class assembly next week. It has been brilliant seeing them all in action.
In English, we have been writing a newspaper report about Fatfield's enormous earthquake. Children used new information we have been learning in our Topic lessons to explain the cause of the earthquake.
Big congratulations to Isabella this week for receiving the Headteacher's award. Isabella has been working extremely hard and is really coming out of her shell. Keep it up!
The core vale for this week has been 'considerate' and the class voted for Ava to win this award.
Friday 19th January 2018
PE is every Wednesday. Can all children please ensure they have their kit so they are able to take part. 
Reading books and reading records should be in school every day to allow children to participate in daily guided reading sessions.While I understand that it is not possible for children to read every night, it is important that children are reading as much as possible independently and with a grown up who can sign their reading record.
It is very cold and slippy outside at the moment. All children should wear appropriate footwear and clothing to suit the weather.  
Any homework will be handed out on a Monday so that it can be collected in on a Friday.
We have had another wonderful week in school this week. As a class we are very excited about the new things we are learning each day about wild weather and natural disasters. It is fantastic to see such hardworking and enthusiastic children.
The Headteacher's award for this week has gone to Kacy for her hard work and perseverance all week. Well done Kacy!
Our core value for this week was 'responsible' and the class voted for Corey to win this award.
Last but not least, a very Happy Birthday to Calvin!
Friday 12th January 2018
Happy New Year and welcome back everyone!
As the new Year 3 teacher I would just like to say a big hello and welcome to everyone. I hope the children are settling in well and look forward to seeing you at our class assembly on 31st January. In the meantime if you have any questions please feel free to see me at the end of the day.
This week we have introduced our new topic of weather around the world and natural disaster. The children have created a fantastic display where we have put their questions they would like to find answers to during this topic. 
We have started to transform our classroom into a 'Disaster Zone' to reflect our new topic including the introduction of our 'Reading Refuge' centre. 
The Headteacher's award for this week has gone to Ruby for her fantastic work in maths and helping her friends understand a tricky topic. Well done Ruby! 
Our core value for this week was 'unique' and the class voted for Thomas to win this award.
Finally a very big Happy Birthday to Noah!
Friday 3rd November
This week, the children have been reporting on the 'Fatfield Woods Wild Fire'.  They have let their imaginations run as wild as the fire with some fabulous newspaper reports (check them out on invitation afternoon).
We also had a visit from the RNLI lifeguards to tell us all about water safety-photos to follow.  
I was truly proud of all the children during our fruit tasting this week as they all tried everything.  Once they found everyone's favourites, we put together a recipe for Stone Age stewed fruit.  Hope it tastes good when we make it.
Please stay safe during your fireworks this weekend-I cannot wait to hear all about them!
Huge congratulation Joshua T for receiving this weeks Head Teacher's Award for his hard work in maths.
The winner of this week's class vote is Madison R.
We were third for attendance this week.  Let's see if we can improve this next week so we get extra playtime.
Friday 10th November
What a week we have had in Year 3! 
We have discovered the cave paintings in Altamira and thought we would have a go for ourselves.  What do you think?
We have decided to turn our cloakroom into Rocksylvania Cave, which is full of ancient cave paintings.  Don't forget to check it out at Invitation Afternoon (Thursday 7th December 2017).
Our maths area is turning into the Rocksylvania Gift Shop so you might pick up a cracking souvenir. 
Rob Lewis
We were lucky enough to spend an afternoon with the author and illustrator Rob Lewis.  He shared some of his stories with us and told us how he comes up with his illustrations.
We are looking forward to sharing some more of his stories over juice and biscuits this afternoon.
This week's super star.
Congratulations to:
Joseph W- for being resilient
Corey W-for being supportive
I wonder what excitement next week will bring as we are having Anti-Bullying Week.
Keep your eyes peeled to find out what we get up to.
17th November.
What a hectic week we had!  
We have been looking at anti-bullying this week.  We thought the best way to do this was by doing acts of kindness for each other so we don't have time to be  bullies.  We found that kindness acts like a ripple.  If someone is kind to you, you want to be kind to others.  Check out our whole school display when you come for invitation afternoon.
We had a great time dressing Topsy turvy for Pudsey and raising money for Children In Need.  We even had a special visitor.  Check out next week for photos.
Friday 24th November
As promised, here we are the photos with everyone's favourite bear, Pudsey.  We had a great time and raised a fantastic one hundred and eighty one pounds.  Well done everyone.
Rehearsal are under way for the Key Stage 2 Christmas production.  You should have received a letter about the revised dates and time but if you need any other information please just ask.
Our Headteachers Award winner this week is Kaine Marshall for his fabulous use of vocabulary in English.
Noah Dixon has been voted as the most considerate person by the class.
Hope you have a fabulous week,
Year 3
Friday 8th December.
 Well we have reached the end of another busy week in Year 3.
Congratulations to Madison Robinson for getting the Head Teacher's Award.
Corey Watson has made his classmates proud and was voted winner in the Core Value Award.
The children continue to work exceptionally hard.  I hope that was more than apparent when you came to see their work on Thursday.
We have all enjoyed spending the day in our jammies.  It was such fun spending time this afternoon sharing stories and having a cheeky cup of hot chocolate.
Not long until our fabulous KS2 production so work continues.  Thank you for your support in helping children learn lines, songs and getting costumes.
One last thing this week.
A massive well done to the whole class as our attendance was the best in the whole school.  I know we will enjoy our extra playtime.