Year Six

Welcome to Year 6

Welcome to our brand new Year 6 page. Here you will find important information about our class routines, curriculum and general information. Please scroll down to keep up to date with our class blog.


Our Year 6 Staff:

Miss Scriven – Teacher

Mrs Hughes /Miss Butler – Teaching Assistants

Miss Hails - Cover Supervisor

WB: 08.01.18     
AKA: The week we all came back to school!
Welcome back to a sparkling term in Year 6!  A new year beckons and so does a brand new topic.
This term we will be transported back to the ancient times of all things Maya. We started the week off with a sacrificial game of Pok-a-Tok. Poor Jessica and Rhys had their heads (well-placed basketballs) chopped off as the captains of the losing sides.
In further news, we have started to transform our classroom into a Mayan jungle, started exploring the video 'Temple Run' in English and have continued to do fabulous things with decimals.
Also, we were very excited to witness our first  Year 6 'PEN LICENCE' being awarded to Georgia Bannister. I wonder who will be next......
Before you go, check out our fab action shots of Tag Rugby on Friday.
Week Beginning: 04.12.17
A.K.A: The week the people from home came to school
Well, another exciting week in Year Six is over and what a busy week it has been! This week has seen our doors open to people from home not just once....but twice!
On Thursday, we all got to show off our amazing work to our families for Invitation Afternoon. There were so many people in our classroom looking at all of our brilliant writing, maths, art and reading. While we were busy showing off how ace we are, we also made a World War II decoupage bauble to adorn our Christmas tree using 1940s sheet music of Jingle Bells.
On Friday, we had another special day. Everyone came to school in their snuggly PJs and people from home came to read stories under our Christmas tree. As a special surprise, every pupil received a brand new book from under the Christmas tree from all of the staff and we  got to sip a mug of hot chocolate - MMMMmmmmmm!
In another piece of amazing news, Martha received the Headteacher's certificate AND was chosen by the class to receive the Core Value merit for displaying our school value: PROUD. Well done Martha!
AKA: The week when Christmas came to call!  Ho Ho Ho!
This week we have been getting into the festive spirit with rehearsals for the KS2 Christmas production, creating World War Two paper Christmas decorations in art, decorating the HUGE Christmas tree in the hall with our baubles from home, witnessing the first snow fall of the season and admiring the TWO Christmas trees of our very own in class! Eeeeeeee!
Alongside Christmas festivities and multiplying fractions, we have been finding out all about codes that were used in World War Two. After having a go at Morse Code, we then started to build our own electrical circuits in science. Using our knowledge of 'breaking' a circuit, we used the homemade lamp circuits to send our own Morse Code messages to other people in the class. In Letters from the Lighthouse - our class novel- we think we might have solved the code that Olive found in her sister's pocket - it's all getting very exciting!  
We finished the week finding out that Erin is very considerate after she received the core value for this week.  Also, Ava was awarded the Head Teacher's Certificate for brilliant work in maths.
INVITATION AFTERNOON - Thursday 7th December 2017
CHRISTMAS READING EVENT - Friday 8th December 2017
Week Beginning: 20.11.17
Through sniffles and coughs, Year 6 are powering through the term!
Addition and subtraction of fractions has been our focus this week alongside making sure we know our 9 times tables! We have started rehearsing for our KS2 Christmas production too - it's all very exciting! In English, we have been building up skills to improve our diary writing and lots of us have stunned Miss Scriven with the improvement in our handwriting.
We finish the week by finding out that Georgia has been voted by the class to receive our core value of the week: responsible. 
Homework is still the 2 week project set last week: design an air-raid shelter. 
Check out our very own class air-raid shelter in the pics below....
Week Beginning: 13.11.17
The week when we found out: how to deal with bullies, find a German battleship and sing to Dusty Springfield in French!
This week, we have been finding out about how bullying can make people feel and what we can do if, at some point in our lives, we are bullied. To share this information with others, we have made a giant anti-bullying graffiti wall.
As part of our World War II topic, we have used coordinates in all four quadrants to find German battleships, found out about the enigma code machine and cracked our own codes with a mysterious code wheel. It was really tough at first but we managed it and found out all the hidden codes. Check out the link below to have a go at cracking an enigma code yourself.
Miss Scriven reckons we have written our best piece of writing yet in English. We have been writing apology letters from a character in our topic text to explain why he can't take an evacuee. To make our writing as persuasive as possible, we have used superlatives, comparatives, flattery, statistics, extra information in relative clauses and emotive language. Also, we have all been trying new ways of editing our writing by working with a partner. Miss Scriven, Mrs Hughes and Miss Butler thought we worked our socks off - we are rather good at persuading people to do things now!
Alongside using common multiples and common factors to order and simplify fractions, we have also started to learn about the school timetable in French. We are learning a song to the tune of 'I only want to be with you' by Dusty Springfield.  It's a little hard at the moment to get our tongues around all of the words but it was a lot of fun trying. We have included the words so that you can have a try yourself!
Homework this week will be a two week project on air-raid shelters - have fun!

Lundi c’est l’histoire et la géographie,


 Mardi le dessin et la technologie,


 Mercredi les sciences, l’informatique,


 Jeudi c’est l’anglais , le sport et la musique,


 Vendredi , c’est vrai!


 On a les maths et le français


 (to the tune of I only want to be with you)

Week Beginning: 06.11.17
Our FIRST taste of SATs and a trip back to the SECOND World War.......
Well, what an exciting week!
On Monday, we used the hall for the first time to see what the SATs will be like in May. We were all really calm and Miss Scriven was so proud of us! Now we know SATs aren't scary as we thought they were.
On Wednesday, we turned back time and went back to the 1940s. Year 6 dressed up in their war-time clothes, ate yummy WWII food, experienced a 'real-life' air-raid and met an evacuee from WWII too! It was fascinating talking to Mrs Jackson and finding out about how she felt about the war as a little girl. Before we left for the day, we also got to create war-time poppies, write post-cards as evacuees, write an atmospheric piece of writing about 'The Blitz' and try our hand at our sewing in a 'mend and make do' exercise.
To finish the week, we voted for Martha to receive our core value vote of 'Considerate' - she is always so caring towards her friends, helpful and kind. After lots of hard work at school and at home on Mathletics, Amy received the Head Teacher award for her mathematical dedication! Well done to both girls.
Homework this week builds on our work on finding factors and will be a very useful skill when we begin looking at fractions this week. 
Visit our Class Blog again to see the fabulous pictures from our WWII day!

Week beginning: 30.10.17

What clever things we have been!

This week we have been exploring prime numbers, factors and multiples - this will come in very handy when we start looking at fractions in maths in the next few weeks.

We have started a brilliant new book called Letters from the Lighthouse. Using the book as stimulus, we have been learning how to write descriptive lists using semi-colons and how to persuade a host-family in World War Two to take us as their evacuee.

It all got rather exciting when we went to the hall to find World War Two casualties in need of our assistance!!!  We all had to learn how to use CPR to help the soldiers and civilians.
We all went on a fabulous trip to the Victoria Tunnel at Ouseburn before half-term. We met a WWII evacuee called Basil (he was a bit of a rascal in his youth) and went down the tunnel that was used as an air raid shelter in WWII. Check out some of our pictures!