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School Values

Statement of Values and Ethos


Our Mission Statement – created by children, staff, parents and governors;

Fatfield Academy is committed to providing a nurturing, inspirational environment where each child feels happy, safe and cherished.At Fatfield Academy our aims are:

  • To create an ethos of confidence and self-motivation that enables all children to achieve their full potential through all areas of learning: “ intellectual, emotional, physical, social, moral, spiritual and cultural.
  • To develop a strong sense of belonging and identity within the school and wider community.
  • To take pride in and value each other’s uniqueness by celebrating the achievements of all individuals within our school family.
  • To promote British and cultural values of care, tolerance, trust and respect within the school and wider communities.
  • To ensure excellence in teaching and learning within a stimulating and creative learning environment.
  • To equip children with the resilience and perseverance to become creative, critical and independent thinkers who embrace challenge and develop a thirst for learning.
  • To engage children in a rich, diverse curriculum offering a variety of enrichment experiences.
  • To encourage children to be considerate and supportive towards each other enabling a positive, safe and happy ethos.


Respectful, Unique, Considerate, Proud, Responsible and Supportive.